Lingotion offers legally compliant on-device AI components for video games, enabling novel types of games and game mechanics.

Generative AI that runs in real-time on the gaming device creates new possibilities for game design and immersive gameplay.

Regulatory Compliance

Lingotion distinguishes itself by providing legally and regulatory compliant generative AI components, trained solely on data with usage rights for AI applications. This guarantees compliance with the requirements set by distributors such as Valve/Steam for the use of generative AI in video games.

AI technology has advanced at an astonishing pace in recent years. Now, the legal and regulatory frameworks governing AI are rapidly evolving to keep pace. By integrating Lingotion’s components into your games, you can leverage AI’s potential without risking distribution issues or blocks from distributors.

As a studio you will benefit in many ways!

Ethical AI Development with Revenue-Sharing Training Data

Lingotion utilizes a revenue-sharing model to gather the extensive training data needed to train and develop its AI models.

This approach not only enhances the development of advanced AI but also effectively addresses business challenges associated with using AIs, such as distributor requirements for non-infringing generated data, training data legal rights, and union mandates.  Furthermore, it champions ethical practices by guaranteeing fair compensation for individuals who contribute data to AI development.

genASAM – Revolutionizing Game Design with Dynamic 3D Models

Lingotion refers to this proprietary technology as genASAM, which stands for Generative Audio Synched Animated 3D Models. It can be applied to a wide range of objects in games, including humans, cars, buildings, birds, insects, furniture, and more.