Lingotion AB is a Swedish tech startup that specializes in the latest advancements in AI.

The company was established by Andreas Rodman when he recognized an untapped niche in the AI generative market relevant to the video game market.

About Andreas Rodman

Andreas is a seasoned Swedish IT entrepreneur who has previously launched successful IT ventures such as Safeture (listed on Nasdaq First North) and Bokks. Both companies innovated by harnessing emerging technologies to challenge and supplant traditional solutions.

From a young age, with an innate curiosity about computers, Andreas was captivated by the evolving landscape of computer technology and its myriad applications. His fervor led him to pursue and obtain a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from Lund University.

While working towards a PhD, focusing on parallel computing and high-performance computing, Andreas seized the opportunity to materialize one of his innovative ideas into a startup. This crucial juncture marked his shift from academia to entrepreneurship, dedicating his career to founding cutting-edge IT firms.

Nurturing a keen interest in computer architecture and high-performance computing, the realms of machine learning and artificial intelligence naturally intrigued Andreas.

Upon his departure as the CEO of Safeture, he began exploring novel technological avenues and business concepts. He recognized that the current technological landscape was ripe for revolutionizing the video game industry with generative AI—a venture that resonated with both his technical passion and entrepreneurial acumen.