Actors and casting

Lingotion for Actors

– a symbiosis between acting and AI.

For the AI components vital to NPCs (Non-Player Characters), Lingotion utilizes a revenue-sharing model that compensates real actors with a usage royalty fee, thereby safeguarding the art of acting within video games. This model establishes a symbiotic relationship in which AI and actors can coexist and enhance one another. The usage royalty fee ensures that actors are remunerated each time a studio uses an AI that has been trained with data sourced from their performances.


Lingotion is currently creating a competitive solution to existing AIs where the actor still has a role to play in the production of video games.

Lingotion sees itself as the champion for actors by building a new market in the growing video game industry, as other actor markets are dwindling. Lingotions goal is to make money from the video game industry together with actors, empowering the acting profession in this genre.


Lingotion creates a symbiosis between acting and AI by creating an AI copy of the actor, that is licensed to video games studios for production of video games. The studio can then use the AI copy to place the actor inside the video game while using the same production methods as with other generative AI tools for creating characters.

The benefit for the studio, to motivate the royalty fee payment for an actor, is to leverage the individuality and uniqueness of each actor. The studios can create video games filled with AI copies of real actors that makes the video games more realistic and diverse than using cheap AIs that are based on only a small set of royalty free actors.


Lingotion will also protect each actor’s right of their own acting identity against competitive solutions that currently steal actor identities from public material. 

Another important feature with Lingotion is the ethics rules connected to the license. With Lingotion an actor still maintains controls of ethics boundaries how the actor’s AI character may be used in the game. Lingotion have different ethics boundaries that an actor can choose from and if a studio wants to go outside the selected boundaries, then the studio must seek explicit permission from the actor for that specific use.

Lingotion only sell to the video game industry thereby safeguarding that your AI character is never used outside the fictional context of a video game. Therefore, your Lingotion character will never compete with jobs in other types of industries. 


When Lingotion sell AI characters to a video game studio, 30% of that revenue will go to the actors as a royalty fee. This means that Lingotions business success is tied directly to your income and Lingotion acts like a new type of agent within the AI industry. Lingotion success is based on the ability to sell your AI character for as much money as possible for each video game production.

You as an actor also have the right at any time stop further sales of your AI-character. Previous sold license use will of-course remain with the video game studios in the same way as traditional productions when an actor is paid for participating in a video game.

Lingotion’s vision is to create a business where actors and AIs can co-exist, and actors can still make a living in the future when most acting in the digital space is generated by AIs.

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