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We are looking for English-speaking actors for an AI startup company in Sweden

We are looking for a native English-speaking actors for our AI (Artificial Intelligence) research startup-project for the video game industry.

Lingotion is a Swedish company that aims to save the acting profession by merging and creating a symbisis between AI and real life acting.

AI is currently disrupting the entire acting profession. In the future all acting will use or leverage some kind of AI for digital productions such as movies, tv-series, commercials, product videos, video games or other.

Generative AI already exists to replace actors entirely by using AI-tools such as text to speech with emotions, lip sync, facial expressions, and body language. Lingotion is currently creating a competitive solution where the actor still has a role to play in the production of video games.

Lingotion creates a symbiosis between acting and AI by creating an AI copy of the actor, that is licensed to video games studios for production of video games. The studio can then use the AI copy to place the actor inside the video game and make the AI react in real-time to things happening inside the game. Lingotion and the actor have a revenue share model that in practice means that the actor will have perpetual royalty payments from its AI clone and AI training data.

Our solution bring forward each actor’s uniqueness and provide a future income opportunity for actors in a world challenged by AIs.

The vision of the Lingotion project is to place actors in the center of video games, resulting in better and diverse characters that leverages each actor’s skills.

We have developed prototypes with two actors, and we are now looking for ten more actors.

The actors we are looking for are actively working as voice actors, but also have a background, experience or education in physical acting since the role requires facial acting.

While reading texts, you will be recording speech and facial expression in a large set of different emotions. The recording will be performed at your home using your own equipment or equipment sent to you. Some technical skills are required to be able to set-up and use the provided recording equipment. We will provide remote support including regular feedback to guarantee that recording is done correctly.

We expect the required recorded time to be approximately 25 hours. Lingotion has built a special recording software to make the recordings as efficient as possible. Based on previous recording work this will take approximately between 75 to 125 work hours. The recordings can be scheduled at your own convenience to meet the set deadline.

The deadline for applying is 30 June. Selection of actors will be done in July and August and recording starts in mid Audgust with a deadline of December.

The compensation model is in two parts. First there will be a small up-front payment of 1.37 USD per recorded minute which is 2055 USD for 25 hours. Then the actor will forever receive a revenue share when an AI trained on the recordings used by a video game studio. 30% of the revenue is given to the actors. The up-front payment is considered an advance where half of the revenue will be used to pay for the up-front payment until the up-front payment has been compensated in full and then the actor receives the full revenue share.

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