Lingotion consists of three interconnected innovations:

1. An innovative way of cost efficiently gathering voice actor training data to be able to train AI characters on generating speech with lip movements and facial expressions based on emotional meta data.

2. Creating and training new types of AI models for generation of realistic emotional speech with matching lip movements and facial expressions.

3. Providing technology integrated with required platforms and optimized for running synthesizing efficiently on the hardware architecture of PS5 and Xbox Series S/X consoles.

Is it with the combination of these three innovations that Lingotion will disrupt the video game industry and fundamentally change player interaction in video games.


The technology includes multiple components to create a realistic human experience. These are speech generation, lip sync and facial expressions with all of them synthesized using emotional expressions based on meta data added to text.

Technological thresholds have recently been passed that enables this type of solution. The business threshold was passed with the introduction of the new hardware architectures for the PS5 and Xbox S/X consoles.

Generating natural sounding human speech was achieved a few years ago, and now the most recent passed threshold was within AI assisted audio and video processing that enable cost-efficient gathering of human character training data.

AI Characters

Lingotion have created a cost-efficient process and technology to gather training data and train characters. The business model of Lingotion is to provide pretrained AI characters. The AI characters are bundled with the technology for synthesizing. Each character will have their own language, unique dialect, speech rhythm, facial movements etc.

This creates an unprecedented immersion effect by allowing each character to be unique in how they speak and express emotions both in their speech and facial movements. Each voice will even have their own unique speech flaws. One voice character might slur the words, the next pronounces a word wrong, and a third uses expressive facial movements. These trained AIs characters mimics real human flaws and human differences in way that results in a previously unprecedented level of realism within video game non player character interaction.

A studio can order specific types of characters to include in their game. Lingotion will then find matching voice actors, gather the training data, and train the AI characters to match the studios requests.

Compare prerecorded audio with a simple Lingotion implementation in a fantasy role playing game.

Lingotion is perfect for RPGs, Role Playing Games, Sport games, Racing, Shooters, Open World, Sandbox, Action-adventure, Platform, Fighting, Hack’n slash, Real time strategy, Survival horror and many more.